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Tar River Trading Post

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide only products that will sustain long term usage in difficult times. As a society, we often are driven by looking for the cheapest option, expecting that when it fails, we can simply go to the store and buy a replacement. While that works today, that model could certainly fail us in the future.

My father once asked me why I was settling for a tool that was less than what I needed. I told him it was all I could afford. His response has guided me for 40 years, that being that buying a lesser product would initially save me money, but looking at the lifetime of the better product, and me having to replace the lesser product, I would have spent more money overall, still ended up with the lesser product and had endured the poorer performance over the entire life. In other words, buy for life, and pass them down to your children.

We will only supply products that will produce the highest performance, endure usage for the longest period of time and ultimately save your expenses over time. In other words, not inexpensive disposable trinkets, but lifetime (your lifetime, not the products lifetime) usage. We are not competing with the Local Big Box Stores or the Huge Outdoor Web Stores. Buy their trinkets if you must, but if you want a broad range of true quality, difficult to find, sustainability products, we will be your source.